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Anke Haarmann



Philosophy | Conceptual Art | Design Studies | Cultural Studies

"Art and philosophy are parallel tools for cultural practice, political action, and research"





works as conceptual artist, curator and theoretician on visual culture, artistic research epistemology, design, theory of the self, and on public space




Current Activities

Professor Design Studies and Design Research at the
University of Applied Sciences Hamburg | Dep. Design (stuff)

Research Project:
On the Methods, the History and Practices of Artistic Research - Epistemological Aesthetics
Artistic Research - A Handbook (diaphanes publisher)
Publication Project:
Self-Images: Artistic Research on the Subject in visual Culture Engl/German
Artist in Residence:
Goethe-Institut Kyoto (Villa Kamogawa and "Tamatebako" the Kyoto work)
Self-Images: Artistic Research on the Subject in visual Culture engl/dt 2013
Art and Curatorial Projects:
- The Waste Project (website)
- Keimzelle goes GrünAreal a social plastic and public garden




born in Munich, based in Hamburg

Professor Design Studies Design Research at the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg | Dep. Design | Research Fellow at the Institute of Cultural Studies, Cultural Sciences, and the Arts now Institute of Philosophy and Arts at the University of Lüneburg | Affiliated with the Universtiy of Arts Berlin | longterm research stays in Osaka and at the University of Kyoto | PhD in Philosophy from the University of Potsdam | fellow of the University of Darmstadt | participated in the internationale postgraduate program of the Jan van Eyck Akademie Maastricht, Nethetlands | studied fine arts at the Art Academy Hamburg | graduated in philosophy, literature, and anthropology from the Free University of Berlin

international exhibitions (including Yamagata Internatinal Filmfestival Japan, GfzK Leipzig Germany Kassel Film and Dokumentary Festival, Osthaus-Museum Hagen Germany, Museum of Arts Cologne Germany, Shedhalle Frauenfeld Switzerland, Palazzo delle Papesse Siena Italy, Art Space Wolfsburg Germany, Steirischer Herbst Graz Austria)

teaches at University of Applied Sciences Hamburg and lecured at the University of Lueneburg, at the Art Academy Braunschweig, Art Academy Nürnberg, University Hamburg, Humboldt University-Berlin, and the University of Kyoto




(Artistic Research - A Handbook) "Künstlerische Forschung - Ein Handbuch" Badura, Dubach, Haarmann et al. (eds.) diaphanes Zü:rich 2015
(The Other Nature of Human Beings) "Die andere Natur des Menschen" Anke Haarmann, transcript Bielefeld 2011 German
"Shanghai (Urban public) Space" Anke Haarmann (ed.), jovis Berlin 2009 English/Mandarin
Culture | Nature: Art and Philosophy in the Context of Urban Development Anke Haarmann and Harald Lemke (ed.) Jovis Publishers Berlin, June 2009, jovis Berlin 2009
(The Invention of the Medial Nature) "Lebensgebilde. Die Erfindung der medialen Natur" Anke Haarmann, Passagen, Wien 2006 German
"ready2capture: HafenCity ein urbaner Raum?" tetrapak (Hg.) b_books, Berlin 2003 German
"Die verflixte Ecke | The bewitched Corner" Anke Haarmann, Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht 1995 English/German (Artistbook)




Self-Images-Projects works on visual culture, medial imagery, and self perception
PublicPrivatParnership works and interventions on public space

curatorial projects on public space and urban development:
Shanghai-Hamburg (urban public) space, Shanghai und Gängeviertel Hamburg 2010
Culture|Nature Summer at the Elbe River Sommer 2008
Shanghai (urban public) space Hamburg HafenCity 2008
ready2capture HafenCity ein urbaner Raum? ArtGenda 2002



Performative Philosophy

Excursions of Reflection lecturing on the road: Summer of Elbe River 2008 | Philosophers in Town, Congress of German Society of Philosophy 2011
Text und Ding: a series of philosophical performances, Theater of Kampnagel Hamburg 2002/2003



Essays (selected English)

2010: Artistic Research: A Tool of Cognition Parallel to Philosophy? in: Proceedings of the European Society of Aesthetics, Bertinetto, Dorsch, Todd (eds.) Vol. 2, 2010, p. 193-208
2009: The Art of Urban Development in: Culture|Nature, Haarmann/Lemke (eds.) p. 1-7 - Natureculture: a political Collective in: Culture|Nature, Haarmann/Lemke (eds.) p. 71-82
2008: Media Images and Body Politics (pdf 604 KB) in: Speak up Magazine at Locked in Exhibition, Casino Luxenbourg, p. 30-33
2006: The Spirit of Digestion in: Environment and Health Vol. 19 No. 4 Kyoto Winter
2005: The urban Self in: Philipp Oswalt (ed.) Shrinking Cities. Interventions, Ostfildern 2005, 772ff
2003: Images of Affluence in: Journal for Northeast Issues Nr. 2, Hamburg
1997: The Context of Aesthetic Experience in: City Life, Paetzold (Hg.), Maastricht, S. 90-95
1996: Postmodern advertising: Icons of Modernity (pdf 1,4MB illustrated) in: WonderStories, No. 2, Maastricht, S. 92-107
1995: The Power of Creativity - Rituals of Possession in the Art of Living in: Theory Bulletin, Issues No 3, Maastricht, S. 83-95.



Lectures (selected)

2016: University of Applied Arts Vienna , lecture at "Art as a Medium of Thinking" - Art Academy of Media Cologne, "Künstlerische Forschung" (Artistic Research) lecture - University of the Arts Berlin "Kunst und Handlung" (Art and Action) - Academy of Theater and Music Hamburg, "The Art of Doing (methodologically) Research" lecture at the Symposium "ArtSearch: Artistic Research in Music"

2015: Züricher Academy of Arts "Politiken des Wissens" (Politices of Knowledge) - Tokyo University "Growing Urban Vegetables : Harvesting Civil Society" lecture at the conference "Food and Civil Society" - University of Hamburg, Congress of the German Society of Aethetics "Werkzeuge des Wissens" (Tools of Knowledge) lecture - University of Cologne "Die andere Natur des Menschen" (The Other Nature of Humans) lecture at the Colloquium "Natural Artificiality - Artificial Naturalness" - Academy for Art, Design and Music Freiburg "Zu einer Kritischen Theorie des Social Design" (Towards a Critical Theory of Social Design) lecture at the symposium "Philosophical Perspectives on Design"

2014: Bauhaus-University Weimar "...mit der Kunst in die Forschung intervenieren" (... intervening in Research with the Arts) lecture - University of Applied Sciences Hamburg "Künstlerische Forschung: woher, wohin, wieso" (Artistic Research: wherefrom, whereto, wherefor) lecture - University of Arts Berlin "Chancen, Risiken und Nebenwirkungen der künstlerischen Forschung" (Artistic Research) lecture und Workshop - Academy of Visual Arts Hamburg, Floating Volumes #4 The City and Identity in Artistic Research

2013: Kyoto University "The Making of the Public" lecture at the symposium "Urban Folklore" - Goethe-Institut Kyoto / Villa Kamogawa "Öffentlicher Raum in Europa und Japan" (Public Space in Europe and japan) - Kunstverein Lüneburg "Kunst im öffentlichen Raum" (Art in the Public Space) - University of Art and Design Kyoto "Urban Gardening as Art in the Public Interest" lecture - University of Applied Sciences "Teilhabe durch Stadtgärten" (Participation trough urban gardening) lecture at the conference "Representation, Partizipation and social Splitting"

2012: Hafen City University Hamburg Symposium Urban Metamorphoses "The Battle behind the Meta of Urban Morphoses" - Leuphana University Conference Researching BWPWAP "Co-Research" - Thalia Theater Halle a.d. Saale Symposium Soundcheck Philosophy "Ausflüge des Denkens" (Excursions of Reflection) - Academy of the Arts Zürich Lecture at the Symposium on Discursive Topographies of Artistic Research - University of Salzburg Symposium on Hedonism "Die Kunst hedonistischer Widerstandspolitik" (The Art of Hedonistic Politics of Resistance)

2011: University of Siegen "Ist die Zukunft der Gegenwartskunst die Forschung?" (Will the Future of Art be Research?) - Österreichische Forschungsgemeinschaft "Gibt es eine Methodologie künstlerischer Forschung? (Is there a Methodology of Artistic Research?) - Art Academy Düsseldorf Congress of the German Society of Aesthetics "Künstlerische Praxis als methodische Forschung? (Artistic Practices as methodological Research) - University of Munich Congress of the German Society of Philosophy "Auf dem Weg zu einer Methodologie der künstlerischen Forschung" (Towards a Methodology of Artistic Research)- Zeppelin University of Friedrichshafen "Künstlerische Forschung auf der Suche nach neuen Allianzen" (Artistic Research Looking for New Alliances) - Royal Danish Academy of Art Congress of the Nordic Society of Aesthetics "From Poiesis to Praxis. Understanding Art in the Public Interest as Political Action"

2010: Lunds Universitet Symposium Cities and the Visual "Art and Urban Public Space: Experiences in Osaka and Shanghai" - University of Music and Performative Arts Vienna "Das Experiment als künstlerische Praxis" (The Experiment of Artistic Research)- Schader Stiftung Darmstadt "Shanghai-Megacity" - Philosophy-Colloquium Evian "Artsitic Research and theoretical Reflection: Two Ways of Cognition?" - University of Udine Congress of the European Society of Aesthetics "Artistic Research: A Tool of Cognition parallel to Philosophy?" - Kyodai (Kyoto University) "Participatory Town Planning in Cooperation with Artists?" - co-lecturing with PD Dr. Harald Lemke" - University of Okazaki "Art and Urban Development"

2009: Academy of Arts Hamburg "KlimaKunstPolitik" (ClimateArtPolitics) - IBA Basel "Learning from ... Elbinsel Sommer" - Art Space Zimmer Blau Hamburg "Nachhaltigkeit in der Kunstpraxis" (Sustainability and Art Practices)- University Uttrecht Conference on Ethics and Politics of Climate Change "Experiences matter: On individual ethics and aesthetics of every day live"

2008: Art Space Friese Hamburg "Naturkultur: ein politisches Kollektiv" (NatureCulture: A Political Collective) - Bauhaus University of Weimar "Art in the Public Interest" - University of Seoul World Congress of Philosophy "Hybrid Identities" - University of Arts Berlin Workshop Media as a Medium in Cooperation with Beaconhouse National University Lahore "Media as Public Space" - University of Arts Berlin "Kunst und Philosophie als kulturelle Praktiken" (Art and Pholosophy as Cultural Practices) University of Arts Berlin "Artistic Research", (German)

2007: University of Karlsruhe Symposium: Fremdkörper "Das Fremde im Bauch: Der Geist der Verdauung" - East China Normal University of Shanghai Symposium Dialogue and Harmony "Das Sein der Bilder. Ein Beitrag zum Verständnis von Gadamers Ästhetik" (The being of Images: On Gadamers Aesthetics) - University of Mainz Conference: Remaking the Future of Health "Recognize your Genes and focus on your Self-Care: Philosophical analysis of the Interface between Knowledge and Reality" - University of Lüneburg "Artist intervention in urban development"

2006: Akademie of arts Vienne "Selbst/Bilder Projekte" (Self-Images Projcts) - University of Frankfurt "Public Blue: ein Videoessay zur Besetzung des öffentlichen Raums in Japan" (Public Blue: Occupying Public Spaces)

2005: Kyodai (Kyoto University) "Der Geist der Verdauung" (The Spirit of Digestion)- Kyodai (Kyoto University) "Fröhlicher Produktivismus: Zu einer anderen Wissenskritik" (Gay Productivism,: Towards a Critique of Knowledge) at the Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies

2004: Kunstverein Hamburg "Selbst/Bilder - die Projektreihe zur Erstellung eines kulturellen Archivs" (Self-Images: A Cultural Archive)

2003: DRESDENpostplatz info off spring Dresden "ready2capture. tetrapak in der Hamburger HafenCity" (The Artist Group tetrapak entering the HafenCity Hamburg) - Rote Flora Hamburg "Das Projekt tetrapak: HafenCity ein urbaner Raum?" Vortrag mit der Gruppe tetrapak (The Project Ready to Capture)

2002: Kampnagel Hamburg "Butler und die Hantel: Medienbildern und Kärperpolitik" (Media Images and Body Politices)

2000: University of Hamburg "Das Selbst bei Michel Foucault und seine Bedeutung für eine partizipative Kunstform" (The Notion of Self in the Context of Michel Foucault and its Relevance for Participating Art Practices)

1999: Art Space Wolfsburg "Popkultur und Selbstbilder" (Popculture and Selfimages)

1995: Jan van Eyck Academy Maastricht Symposium The intercultural turn in philosophy and the multicultural society "The Power of Creativity"




Prof. Dr. Anke Haarmann

Marktstrasse 102 | 20357 Hamburg | Germany | tel. +49-40-4393456 haarmann[ät]ankehaarmann.de
University of Lueneburg | haarmann[ät]uni.leuphana.de